New Herman Aeron Chair Offices from Unwanted Imports Singapore

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Unwanted Imports

Over the past decade, we’ve purchased several thousand Herman Miller Aeron chairs from Singapore-based company Unwanted Imports to furnish multiple office spaces.
As our business mainly focus on helping clients to set up satellite offices in Singapore ,we need value-driven and quality-focused targets to offer the best options for our clients. All our clients have been very satisfied with the Herman Miller Aeron chairs. So this page is for our customers to understand better why do we recommend the Herman Miller Aeron Chairs when you require us to set renovate and set up an office for you or when you rent our furnished offices.

Why We Needed So Many Aeron Chairs

There’s always a need to get bigger offices especially when some of our clients have opened a new headquarters office or satellite location in Singapore.
Herman Miller Aeron chair is always the most requested ergonomic task chair our clients require.

Statistics have shown that backaches are one of the highest claimed ailments in an office environment which costs billions of dollars of claims. This explains why many big corporates would choose to work with Herman Miller for their office chairs which have a sound reputation as they are designed with orthopedics, with patients in mind.

Choosing the Aeron Chair Model

After substantial research, we considered options like Steelcase, Haworth, Hinobi, Ergoworks, Sihoo, but most of those options are not ergonomically designed based on research. As such, we went with the safe choice and selected the Aeron chair as the most recommended options when clients require us to furnish their offices. The quality is guaranteed.

Seeking Adjustability, Why the Remastered Aerons are the best options

Most staffs shift positions frequently, and the Aeron has full adjustable ergonomic settings toprovide flexibility. In the latest ergonomic research, it’s found that movement is critical to improve blood circulation. This is why the remastered Aeron chair was designed to take over the Classic Aeron chairs which we have fully replaced. The older Herman Miller Aeron chairs were excellent product, however, it has a rigid design, which users found discomfort especially in the leg and lower lumbar area. The Remastered Aerons are more adaptive to the human body, with the mesh softer for more comfortable sitting. We do not miss the Classic Aerons which were phased out and we have sold them off to liquidators and have found the Remastered Aerons to be better performing in comfort and ergonomic values.

Why We Went With Unwanted Imports

For sourcing hundreds of chairs, Unwanted Imports was the ideal supply partner. They are not only legitimate and trustable. The prices they could offer are always at the lowest.
As far as we know, they have been around for over a decade.
Technically, we did not request for them, is our clients from prestigious government and education institutes that initiated the request. It’s a good call.

They were found in many contractor supplier list and was highly recommended in the industry. Even home users seem to enjoy their services.

They have supplied to countless agencies and are the go-to for many renovation ID. They are also our client, in which they have engaged us for payment gateway and scope of their logistic solutions.

More Affordable Pricing

We saved 30% to 40% per chair compared to local retailers due to Unwanted Imports’ bulk discounts. We will pass all the savings to you. When you refer to your price book in our renovation and furnishing catalogue, you will notice that the prices are attractive and gets better with quantity. In the event that you decide not to carry on with us in leasing our offices, we have the option for you to get part of your money back by transferring the chairs to liquidators.

Smooth ordering and delivery

Their knowledgeable sales reps handled the complex order smoothly. Their chairs come from the USA. They usually have over a hundred chairs in their warehouse so fulfilling most orders has been smooth. This will be important as we will not want to miss out the deadlines we promise to you when you engage of services. Unlike many parallel imports that one may find in Shopee or Lazada, those could be counterfeit or refurbished chairs. We usually stay away from them as they usually cease operation after some time and we have no recourse when we need warranty services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Unwanted Imports located?

Unwanted Imports is based in USA/UK with with an extensive warehouse facility in Singapore. It’s operated by Singaporeans remotely and they have been around for at least 15 years. They source and ship Herman Miller chairs from their US suppliers.

Do they sell authentic Herman Miller chairs?

Yes, they only sell authentic Herman Miller products, not knock-offs nor refurbished chairs. This has been verified many times by end users and industry insiders. Their chairs are obtained from Michigan USA.

How long does delivery take?

Upon receiving your request, we will forward them the order. For bulk orders, delivery lead time is typically 1 to 2 working days, depending on quantity. Smaller orders may ship faster.

Can individuals buy from them?

Yes, while they specialize in bulk commercial clients, individuals are welcome to purchase chairs in any quantity needed for their home. Please contact your sales representative with us for the arrangement.
Alternatively, you can purchase from their website directly.

Do they offer installation services?

No, the chairs are already assembled. It comes in a large box for safe transportation. In the order chit, you can request for the packaging to be discarded by their couriers.

How is their customer service?

Their customer service is excellent. Sales reps are very responsive and provide ongoing support until delivery is completed, IDs like us have a 24 hours response promise. We have so far made numerous warranty claims without issues.
The only caveat will be wear issues like mesh are not covered. Such cases are rare unless the user have abused the fabric by using harsh detergent or steam to clean. Or damaged by sharp objects.
As you can understand, such damages are not covered by any warranty. It should not be a concern for most users as Aeron Chairs are famous for stress testing their products and are of excellent durability.

The most frequently requested warranty parts are actually the wheels which they have a very prompt and has a no-questions-asked replacement service.
Other than that, mechanism faults are the next most commonly requested repairs which they have settled all cases promptly

Do they have other chair models besides the Aeron?

Yes, they also offer popular Herman Miller models like the Embody and Eames chairs at discounted prices but that would require special ordering and may take a longer lead time.

Are USA Herman Miller Chairs Better Quality?

Yes certainly. It can be felt easily as we used to order from the local authorised dealer. Their chairs were from China. We had most issues with the wheels, assembly issues. Though those cases were mostly solved, it tells us there’s a big difference between made in China Herman Miller Aerons and USA made.

Are there warranty options?

Yes, Unwanted Imports offers the 12 years warranty for their chairs.