Pulymilk Plus Liquid Milk Frother Cleaner

Pulymilk Plus Liquid Milk Frother Cleaner

$ 8.00


The most professional way to clean your steam wand and milk frother thoroughly.
A very important cleaner for fully automatic espresso machines.

Each bottle comes with 25ml of cleaner agent.
Made in Italy.




Pulymilk Plus Liquid Milk Frother Cleaner

Milk easily contaminates, and is the dirtiest part of any coffee machines.
It’s what causing pest infestation and food poisoning to occur.
The insects are never interested in coffee as caffeine is a natural pesticide.

For fully automatic espresso machines like the Lattissima, that has intergrated milk features, most of them use a hose to draw milk from canisters.
The milk hose, milk dispensing nozzle and the frothing area within, are almost impossible to clean thoroughly. Over time, if you notice, it will turn yellowish and you can smell the foul from it.
Milk will eventually harden, block the flow and contaminate. Milk cannot be easily removed by running hot water as stated by most instruction manuals.
In fact, the hot water that run are normally just around 80-90 degrees, not at boiling point to effectively sanitize the machine. This is where Pulymilk comes in handy.

The Pulymilk Plus Liquid Milk Frother Cleaner is a very useful cleaning agent to clean your steam wand or milk frother. It removes milk solids that are trapped.

Pulymilk can be used with the following Nespresso’s products: Maestria, Lattissima, Concept,

Frequency of usage:

Due to milk gets easily trapped at the milk drawing hose, dispensing nozzle and frothing area, fully automatics are required to clean much more frequently

For commercial or office environment – Daily
For small environment – Twice or trice a week, or as accord to your milk’s expiry date.


User Instructions for Lattissima:

1. Fill milk canister with water and empty a bottle of Pulymilk into it.

2. Fill water tank with water.

3. Find a collecting cup to collect waste water, place at where your milk canister will dispense.

4. Press the ‘Latte Machiatto’ button. When the milk steaming stop. Press the same ‘Latte Machiatto’ button again to stop, to prevent machine from brewing.

5. Do a couple of times till the canister empties the Pulymilk mixture. Rest for 30 seconds after every cycle. If you find that the canister is not clean, you can reuse the dispensed liquid.

6.  Clean your milk canister and load with clean water. Repeat step 3-5 3 times. Repeat more times if necessary.


User Instructions for Maestria/Concept:

User Instructions for other fully automatic machines.

We are unable to make instruction manuals for all the machines, but the process is the same as for Nespresso’s Lattissima.

You can use it for Krups, Delonghi, Breville, Magimix, Saeco, Jura, etc.

Simply find the hose which draws the milk to do your milk recipes and let it draw the Pulymilk Plus Liquid Milk Frother Cleaner solution.

Clean the contacted parts by drawing a couple of times of clean water.



1. NEVER allow your pump to activate for more than 30 seconds. Stop and allow equal period of rest time after each activation.

2. Not for human feeding

3. We will not be responsible for any damages incurred directly or indirectly. 


Puly Caff is a subsidiary unit from Asachimici group who had been formulating cleaners for the food industry since 1890.
The brand Puly Caff was specially established for the coffee sector and their products are of the highest premium standard formulated by chemists with baristas.

It is the most preferred brand used by professionals and households in Italy and for most demanding.
Highly recommended by established manufacturers of espresso machines, particularly Bezzera, the mechanist family who invented the first espresso machines.

All Puly Caff products are made in Italy.