Nespresso Capsule loose packs

Nespresso Capsule Loose Packs

Nespresso Capsules Loose Packs are not in the original boxed form, but as implied, in loose packs.
There is no permanent inventory for any particular blends and they are while stocks last.



Final Clearance Bag

We are clearing our Nespresso capsules to make room for more amazing products.

The last pack of capsules will contain the following.

90 Decaffeinato Intenso Capsules

40 Decaffeinato Vivalto Lungo Capsules

20 Decaffeinato Arpeggio Capsules

20 Decaffeinato Volluto Capsules

40 Cosi capsules

Total: 210 capsules

Comes with a free descaler


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Nespresso Capsule Loose Packs

A short project, to reduce the cost of freight charges and offer the capsules at a cheaper price.
As they are taking a lot of volumetric space and incurring a much higher air freight charge for shipping them in boxes.
We removed the boxes before sending them from Europe to lower the shipping cost.
As this takes a lot of manpower to arrange, it will not be permanent.

Rest assured, there are no counterfeit Nespresso capsules in the market with aluminium casing.
Due to the fast turnover, huge demand for these. The best before date is normally longer than the general inventory.
There are no expiry dates for capsules, except best before dates, before oxidation process starts.

Take note that there maybe some dents on the capsules that are common even when they are in boxes and we do not provide any form of warranty on them.
They will still be usable.
They are pack with gloves without direct contact with bare hands.
The Nespresso Capsule loose packs are for a limited time only and will only be available for certain flavours.








Kazaar Intensity: 12
Two Robustas create this bold blend with a powerful bitterness and notes of pepper, balanced with a full-bodied, creamy texture.Origin: Arabica sourced from South American with two Robustas from Brazil and Guatemala.
Dharkan Intensity: 11
Intense, powerful personality with hints of bitter cocoa and cereal notes with a velvety textureOrigin: Pure Arabica beans from Costa Rica, Java and two other Latin American origins.
Ristretto Intensity: 10
Ristretto is the typical Italian espresso. It is a short, strong, full-bodied espresso with a touch of acidity. It has a pleasantly lingering taste.Origin: Ristretto is a subtle combination of the best of East Africa and the Americas (Columbia and Central America). It has a delicate hint of acidity and a delicious after-taste. A touch of Brazilian Arabica and African Robusta gives it a little extra strength.
Arpeggio Intensity: 9
Arpeggio is a Mediterranean blend par excellence with a strong character, intense body and long, exquisite after-taste. Its thick, smooth crema remains to the last sip.Origin: this blend is made up of ?Milds? from Central America. A touch of Brazilian Arabica increases its body and sustains the colour and consistency of the crema. This subtle alchemy gives it a fantastic aroma.
Roma Intensity: 8
With its sweetness and its woody notes, Roma is the ideal coffee for a short espresso which is not too strong.Origin: a perfect balance of finesse, strength and fullness, Roma is blended from Central American coffees cultivated at high altitudes for intensity. To these coffees are added similar proportions of Brazilian and African coffee that provide body and roundness in the mouth.




Livanto Intensity: 6
A very well balanced blend, Livanto is characterized by a dense and velvety aroma. It is a uniquely rounded espresso.Origin: this blend is made of the best coffees cultivated at high altitudes in several Latin American countries (primarily Central American Arabicas). A touch of South American Arabica contributes to the richness of this Grand Cru.
Capriccio Intensity: 5
Capriccio is a full-bodied espresso, which is also creamy, mild and rich. Its crema is very dense, and so delicate that it reflects the light.Origin: the presence of ?Milds? grown at high altitudes in South America give this blend a good acidity and a lovely aromatic note. Its richness is derived from just the right balance of Brazilian Arabica and African Robusta origins.
Volluto Intensity: 4
Lightly roasted but full-bodied, Volluto?s flavour is round and fresh with a cereal hint. Volluto?s character is reinforced by a touch of acidity.Origin: this blend is mostly Brazilian Arabica, with its mild character and its biscuit note. It is combined with just enough Columbian Arabica to guarantee a light fruitiness.
Cosi Intensity: 3
Cosi is perfect for espresso lovers who enjoy a mild, smooth crema coupled with the refreshing acidity of a hint of lemon.Origin: a combination of the finest Arabicas from East Africa lends this blend its acidity. This is beautifully counterbalanced by the fragrance and light body of Central American Arabicas. A touch of mild Brazilian ?Santos coffee brings it all together.




Fortissio Lungo Intensity: 7
This full-bodied Lungo is characterised by notes of dark-roasted beans. A blend of Central and South American Arabicas with a hint of Robusta, Fortissio Lungo offers a delicious bitterness and depth on the palate.
Vivalto Lungo Intensity: 4
This light and thirst-quenching lungo express a floral bouquet of jasmine, orange blossom and bergamot. A lightly roasted blend of floral East African Arabicas and aromatic Arabicas from South and Central America.
Linizio Lungo Intensity: 4
Pure Arabica from South America, Linizio Lungo is a well-rounded Nespresso capsule blend made of Brazilian and Colombian coffee. The split-roasting gives a cereal, malty note typical for the Bourbon variety, while maintaining its mild and smooth character.




Indriya from India Intensity: 10
This full-bodied espresso is a blend of Arabica and Robusta from Southern India. Its sustained but quick roasting balances its strong character, bringing out cocoa notes and spicy notes of cloves, pepper and nutmeg. Indriya expresses all its character in a half espresso cup (25 ml).
Rosabaya de Colombia Intensity: 6
From a soft base, this blend of Colombian Arabicas reveals typical notes of red fruit jam reminiscent of winey flavours. Grown on small Colombian plantations, the coffee is hand-picked and prepared using the wet method. Split roasting accentuates the fruity notes and acidity whilst bringing body to the coffee.
Dulsao do Brasil Intensity: 4
With its sweet notes of cereal, malt, honey and maple syrup, Dulsao do Brasil?s combination of separately roasted yellow and red Brazilian Bourbon coffees forms a roundness on the palate. These varieties are treated with the semi-dry method so that the pulp from the coffee cherry adds sweetness to the coffee bean.
Bukeela ka Ethiopia Intensity: 3
Delicately fresh and floral Pure Origin Lungo that reveals unexpectedly wild notes of musk and wood




Decaffeinated Intenso Intensity: 7
An intense, rich taste with slightly elevated acidity gives this decaffeinated coffee all the strength of a true espresso.Origin: This Nespresso Capsule blend largely comprises Latin American Arabicas which bring the blend together- and a touch of Robusta to sustain body and character.
Decaffeinato Intensity: 2
This is the lighter and creamier decaffeinated blend, offering a rich and delicate balance between mildness and acidity. Decaffeinato?s crema is distinguished by its hazel colour and consistent texture in the mouth.Origin: This Nespresso Capsule is a combination of different South American Arabicas that individually give it both acidity and balance. African Robusta is added to heighten its character.
Decaffeinato Lungo Intensity: 3
Decaffeinated naturally, this Nespresso Capsule incorporates the best Arabicas and a hint of Robusta. The smooth body of this coffee is further enhanced with a pleasant roasted note. It is best served in a coffee cup, as opposed to an espresso cup.




Vanilio Intensity: 6
A balanced harmony of vanilla and the mellow flavour of the Livanto Grand Cru produces a rich and the velvety profile.
A blend identified by its full flavour, at the same time smooth and silky on the palate.
Ciocattino Intensity: 6
A full flavoured reminiscent of dark chocolate with it’s dark and bitter notes.
Complement the caramelized roast of the Livanto Grand Cru.
Caramelito Intensity: 6
A gourmet and delicate Nespresso capsule blend, enriched with a full body of creaminess.
Sweet and caramelised notes soften the roasted profile of the Livanto Grand Cru.


The 23 Nespresso capsules flavours will grow as times goes by to give consumers more choices of exciting new tastes.

All information extracted from Nespresso’s website.