Microfoam Frother

Microfoam Milk Frother

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If you want to drink Latte/Cappuccinos, you will need to buy this add-on device to froth and heat your fresh full cream milk.

These are idiot proof device and you will get beautiful froth every time.
Microfoam works standalone and can work with any Espresso machine


Microfoam’s user instructions:

Beware of imitations.

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*Most customer who bought the Microfoam frother are previous owners of other brands of frothers.

Alert from distributor 

We are aware of imitations copying the Microfoam frother in the market sold by vendors who had been specialised in retailing copy products, particularly imitation Nespresso capsules and machines.
We like to be clear that the Microfoam Frother had been our official product since 2013 and carried only by us and our carefully chosen partners.

The only authorised websites carrying the Microfoam frothers are:

The original Microfoam frothers are specially designed and customised to froth accurately to the right texture and parameters base on the pasteurised and homogenised milk sold in Singapore.
Whilst imitations are designed base on milk produced or sold in China, mostly UHT milk, where pasteurised and homogenised full cream fresh milk are rarely available.
Different nations will have different feeding, breeding and processing methods which result in milk with different density and require reaching  different heating temperature to get the best quality of froth and taste.

The original Microfoam frothers are made of certified food grade material.

All Microfoam frothers come with 3 pin plugs to ground device from dangerous electric leaks.


  • Mechanical motor.
  • Hot or cold frothing.
  • Heating for Latte.
  • Microfoam frothing for Cappuccino.
  • Double wall insulation – Safe for holding without heat.
  • Thermostat technology and induction heating.
  • Automatically switches off.
  • Heats up automatically till 60-65 degrees.
  • Intelligent heat control.
  • Interior stick resistant coating.
  • Serves up to 2 standard size cups.
  • Cordless operation.
  • Stainless Steel Brushed Metal Chassis with elegant design.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Two whisks provided – Latte/Cappuccino.
  • Cordless design.
  • One button operation.
  • 3 Pin UK/SG specification.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Maximum capacity if preparing milk froth: 130 ml.
  • Maximum capacity if preparing hot milk: 250 ml.

User instruction is similar to the Nespresso’s Aeroccino.

Comparison with Aeroccino:

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What’s the difference between Microfoam and Aeroccino3 Milk frother

Both Microfoam and Aeroccino will create the same result with the same process of using.

The Microfoam is made with a hardened metal stainless steel chassis uses a mechanical motor and has a handle.
It spins first before heating to even out the temperature to record a more accurate reading on the temperature.

Aeroccino3 has a plastic case, has no handle and uses a magnetic motor. As it doesn’t even out the temperature, it’s slightly faster by a few seconds.

Magnetic or Mechanical motor?

Our experience from the number of recalls tells us that mechanical motors are much more reliable.

The reason is heat and magnet don’t work well together; it loses magnetism over time until it eventually stops working. This reveals why there’s a high breakdown rate for the Aeroccinos.
The Microfoam milk frother is much more durable with return rate several times lesser than the Nespresso’s Aeroccino.

However do take note that both Aeroccino and Microfoam frothers are not intent for heavy commercial or industrial use.

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(Aeroccino3 and Aeroccino+ is the same mechanism with a different design.)


How to clean the devices?

Cleaning is the same for both Microfoam and the Aeroccino.

Wash the interior of the jug under the tap with soap and water.
Use a soft sponge/cloth, use only non-stick surface safe material for cleaning.
Do not use a hard material and scrap off the non-stick coating.  Do not use the device consecutively without cooling as it may create a burn mark. You can cool the device by a quick rinse inside with water.

The use of the wrong type of milk will also create burn marks that may damage the surface.

We advise the use of full cream fresh milk from brands like Pura, Farmhouse, Greenfield and maybe Meiji.

AVOID any contact with water at the base and button area, they should not submerge under water.
Devices are only slightly water resistant, not water proof.

They are not dishwasher safe and do not put in ovens or refrigerators. Do not rest the device on a pool of water.

Aftersales information

Please understand that once the Teflon/stick-resistant surface wears off, this layer cannot be replaced.

We like to repeat that the interior of the device should only be cleaned with a soft sponge or something scratch-resistant safe.

That is the nature and limit of Teflon/stick resistant technology, and there’s no way this coating can be held together forever. (Not even ceramic coating)

Wearing off of the Teflon/stick resistant surface is part of wear and tear, and they are not covered under warranty.
Wearing off will not defunct the device but will more likely create a burn mark which require slightly more effort in cleaning.

For repairing the device:
Microfoam – Mail back to us directly.

Why is my milk not frothing well?

Take note the devices only work well with full cream cold fresh milk. Please check that the milk is not contaminated.
The device is only capable of spinning and heating, there are no magical elements from them to create the froth if the milk is not suitable.

Some brands like Magnolia, Marigold, low-fat don’t work well. They won’t work well as their density, boiling point, fat content, is different from full cream milk

To know whether it’s working, try full cream milk from brands like Pura, Greenfield or Farmhouse.
Meiji can be used, but the result is not always consistent.

Why is my milk not hot?

Milk should be heating to around 65 degrees only. That’s the best temperature to bring out the natural flavour of the milk.

Higher temperature destroys the aroma and nutrients.
The chance of solidifying also increases substantially

A latte, which is mostly milk, is a cooler drink


Will you be bringing other brands of frother?

We had already tested ten other brands of frother.
IE: Illy, Krups, Bodum, Hostess, CBTL, Philips, etc

Some are harder to clean and easy to spoilt.
Some of them are extremely slow, taking as long as 7 minutes. (Aeroccino and MF are normally 30 – 60 secs, depending on temperature and volume of milk)
Some are huge like the size of a smaller rice cooker, and some are very expensive for doing the same thing.

It’s quite easy to conclude that Aeroccino and Microfoam frother are the best options in the open market in term of size, price, usage, efficiency, etc.
Microfoam had been tested to work well with full cream milk sold in Singapore.