BILT Oscar 150 Water Softener - For water tank of up to 4 litres

BILT Oscar 150 Water Softener – For water tank of up to 4 litres

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Scale formation is the number one reason for espresso machines to fail prematurely, and can be avoided with a diligent routine of softening water. The BILT Oscar softener passively softens the water and is very easy to use.

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Each bag is suitable for beverage machines with a water tank of up to 4 litres.


BILT Oscar 150 Water Softener is suitable for the following models with water tanks that have openings big enough to fit the BILT Oscar Water Softener in. They are suitable for all Bezzera machines with water tank.

They are not suitable for all Expobar and any machines with water tanks that do not have openings wide enough to insert the Oscar water softeners.


Effectiveness guide and softening time.

Germen Degrees PPM mg/L CaCO3 Min Softening time (Hours)  Max Treated Litres Drinks (100cc)
5 89 3 825 8250
10 178 6 410 4100
15 267 15 275 2750
20 357 21 205 2050
25 446 27 165 1650

Singapore’s PUB Water Quality Rating

Average : 66 mg/L

Range across Singapore : 26 – 203 mg/L

Expiry: 12 months from purchase date or upon finishing the maximum treated litres above.

Do note that the “Min Softening time” is the time it starts to reduce hardness, it’s recommended to have the softening prolonged for 2 to 4 times longer.

HEAVY METAL REMOVAL_[Cr3 Al3 Cu2 Pb2 Fe2 Zn2 Nl2 Cd2 Ca2 Mg2 ]

Dimensions: (D x H) 250 mm x 100 mm



When the tank is empty put BILT Oscar 150 Water Softener on the bottom and fill with water until the desired level. When the water comes into contact with the micro-spheres resin, the magnetic-osmotic process will start converting.

For more information: Datasheet


Notice: The BILT Oscar 150 Water Softener has no filtering features and does not remove existing scales formed within the machine. It may produce a slight odour initially.