Double Wall Cups 170ml With Saucer

$ 10.00

170ml is a good size for Lattes, Cappuccinos, Americanos and Long Blacks

Fits all machines without folding up tray

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The double wall cups allow you to pour both very hot and very cold liquids into the glass, while one can still hold it comfortably in their hands.

It recycles energy from the beverage and keep your beverage warm/cold longer.
Made from a heat-resistant glass.
They are also extremely light in weight. By far they are the most practical yet beautiful cups for coffee.


Double wall cups are not dishwasher nor microwave safe.
Do not knock too hard with any hard material
The stud at the bottom is the seal where the air was blown into shape the cup. Please do not remove it nor tamper it, else it will leak moisture into the cup.

Since they are mouth blown, each piece is unique, and the capacity may differ +-10%.
The cups seem to look smaller in size optically, but they hold real value +-10%.
The pictures above are just illustrative and not accurate to scale.
To find out if the capacity is correct, please only use a measuring cylinder to measure accurately.