Nespresso Singapore Mass Order

Nespresso Singapore

Nespresso Singapore

To order your Nespresso capsules, machine or accessories.

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GRANDCRUZPRODUCTION.COM  is the first to bring Nespresso™ system into Singapore before their boutiques even existed since 2004.
The nations which we send Nespresso to are Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Macau and Hong Kong.

We remain to have the most competitive prices till date.
95% of our received mails are replied within 12 hours, most 1 hour. (Please check your spam if you didn’t)
95% of local orders are delivered within 48 hours. (Unless buyer request for later delivery or items are out of stock)

We carefully select our partners and only products of the finest quality are available for sale.
Our company maintains a accumulative growth of at least +15% per annum since operation.
Grand Cruz Production is a subsidiary of Arkitek Architecture House, a mega building and interior design firm dealing with government agencies and developers.

We have a strong team of personnels to ensure that you’ll have a pleasant shopping experience.
The Nespresso Singapore Mass order will continue to go on for many years to come.

Do take note, we are also mass ordering the highest end semi professional machines from
Semi professional machines are basically professional cafe machines but downsized to a single group, for smaller usage.
They are good for home, offices or even for a semi-commercial environment.

It will be a good option for those who wish to upgrade from Nespresso. Or someone who wants a more premium and better espresso machine. They also cost much lesser in the long run, which you can refer to their frequently asked questions.

Nespresso Singapore.