What is Nespresso?

Nespresso is a convenient home coffee solution available that helps produce barista standard quality in every cup.

It’s used by the most Michelin Star chefs and sometimes found to be served in the top 50 restaurants in the world.

It’s using capsules, which are pods containing pure coffee powder in it.
As coffee oxidises, it takes away all the aroma along rapidly. The coffee are contained into such pods to ensure freshness in every cup.

Cafes are generally using just 8-12 bars pressure.

What is in the capsule?

Content of one capsule, about 5-6 grammes of coffee


When is the expiry date for capsules?

Each Nespresso capsule is hermetically sealed to protect the coffee from light, oxygen and moisture, in order to maintain the coffee at its absolute best.
As a result, the coffee in the capsule is kept fresh for at least a year after production.
You can test the freshness of a capsule by gently pressing the silver membrane. If it offers resistance, the capsule can still be used.

Each sleeve shows 2 dates: the production date, and the “best before” date.
Please note that Nespresso capsules do not actually “expire”. The coffee is completely safe to consume after the “best before” date.
The date simply acts as an indicator of optimal freshness, flavor and aroma.
The date of expiry indicated on the packaging describes the freshness of the coffee.
If this date has been expired after nine to twelve months, the loss of aroma begins very slowly through the vacuum-sealed packaging.
This does not mean the perishableness of the product. As long as the coffee grounds do not have contact with air or water, it is non-perishable indefinitely.

Therefore there is no health risk if the coffee is being drunk after expiration of the best-before date.
You do not need to keep your capsules in the refrigerator.

Information obtained from www.nespresso.com

Is Nespresso the best home/office solution?

The most premium solutions are semi professional espresso machines.
They are professional machines but downsized to single groups for smaller usage, quality is the same as those you find in cafes.

Refer to: www.finecoffeecompany.com or check out our mass order here: HWZ Semi Professional Espresso Machine Mass Order.

Nespresso is a lifestyle machine, more to convenience.

Coffee wise, semi professional machines can use any coffee you can get your hands on. You are free to any choices around the world.

For Nespresso, you will be limited to the blends they offer, and they cost more per cup.

How does it compare to Dolce Gusto™ and CBTL™?

Nespresso is an espresso solution.
Dolce Gusto is also from Nestle but both DG and CBTL are considered more like beverage machines than espresso systems.

Nespresso offers quality while the other two offers varieties.
The milk capsules used in DG and CBTL are processed milk like creamer.
You can use the creamer in Nespresso but they choose to work better with fresh milk via professional frothing machines which are easy to clean/use.
Of course you can also use milk creamers on your Nespresso.

We can find tea options in CBTL/DG but take note some of the tea capsules are actually syrup inside.
For tea leaves, they don’t require machines to brew and different types of tea must be brewed at different temperature, which can’t be handled by a Nespresso machines.
Pressure is needed for extracting espresso To form the crema from the bean’s oil and force it through the compactly compressed coffee powder. Brewing tea, don’t need pressure.
Instead, pressure may damage the aroma of the tea under such extreme friction.

Regarding cleaning, Nespresso™ with it’s coffee machine just for coffee is very clean. As coffee won’t decay or contaminate the machine.
For milk and tea/chocolate processed syrups, can lead to such complications and insects if cleaning was not thoroughly done.

As for capsule’s prices, i will say they are almost the same.


Does the machines comes with capsules?

All machines purchased around the world comes with 16 sample capsules.
Take note the sample capsules that come along, often have very short shelf life of less than 1-3 months.

As an extra token to help everyone further, we replace the capsules inside with fresh stock, with at least 6-9 month’s away from expiry.
You can ignore the best before date stated.


Where are you getting them from?

From Europe


What is the difference between UK or EU machines?

UK sets are almost identical to SG’s with same power requirements and using 3 pins.

The EU sets sold here are on the same specification as well, except it’s 2 pin.

Not all EU sets are fully serviceable but those bought at GRANDCRUZPRODUCTION.COM are confirmed completely serviceable.
All EU models now also come with a special fitting adaptor to remove all static/electric current, running live on the machine and transform it to 3 pin.
This adaptor is only specially provided to us through large corporation orders.


Do you need transformers or special adaptors for the machines?

For UK Sets, no.

For EU Sets, definitely yes unless the adaptor had been privately modified.
You can find out just by using a test pen around the Machine/Aeroccino.
See if it lights up. If yes, means your machine is in a hazardous state as electricity is leaking all over the machine.

Machines sold in GRANDCRUZPRODUCTION.COM are provided with the adaptor for free from the vendor supplying the machines.

The adaptor is not the normal 3 to 2 pin adaptor but a specialised adaptor which removes all static and fit the original EU plug nicely.
It’s not sold in Singapore.

For people who wants to buy the adaptor, it’s $10 per piece, sent by mailing.


Why get from you not other resellers??

We are the pioneer drinkers to Nespresso and are the first to bring them in before they even start in Singapore. We give the latest cheapest prices from Europe directly, and due to the huge capacity, we always offer the most competitive prices

We know almost everything about Nespresso and we are able to provide support better than even Nespresso themselves.

There is not ONE technical problem we are unable to solve in the 10 years, not we had ever one complain on our service or reliability.

The machines sold at GRANDCRUZPRODUCTION.COM are specially arranged for Singapore’s power specification to fit properly.
Machines that are slightly different will affect the power usage, cause electricity leaks, varying temperature and performance in the machines.

A lot of those parallel importers are not aware that the machines they have, has a critical problem with electricity leakage which is hazardous.

The machines that they have, may not be fully serviceable and are rejected to be serviced for a number of huge problems by the authorised service centres.
Those purchased here will be fully serviceable.


Why solely Citiz, Lattissima+, Maestria or Innissia?

Citiz came out about 5 years ago. Known for its great design and sturdy build.
Pixie and Lattissima came out 2 years ago and U just came out last year.

Inissia is the latest model released in 2014, known for its affordability.

Citiz (Most recommended)
– Most popular and best looking design
– Using the old reliable chamber system
– Slightly better extraction quality in most forumer’s opinion
– Sturdy and steady
– Easier to use folding tray that stays up for taller cups

Inissia (Recommended)

– Small and compact
– Newest chamber system with better extraction
– Coffee is slightly warmer
– Retractable cables
– Faster start up time
– Folding tray for taller cups
– Very affordable pricing
– Too light, gets out of position easily (CON)

Maestria (Recommended)

– Mainly hard metal construction
– Durable components and chassis
– Additional control on volume, 5 length of different amount
– Milk frothing features via Aeroccino or Steam wand
– Fast start up time
– Folding tray for taller cups
– Expensive (CON)


– New ejection and automation system
– Has retractable cables
– Fast start up time
– Cheap and value for money
– Removable tray for taller cups
– Has some reviews of melting and overheating (CON)
– Unable to detect capsules (CON)

Lattissima+ (Recommended)
– Automatic one touch frothing system for making latte/Cappuccino
– Require less cleaning on milk frother.
– Fast start up time
– Has retractable cables
– Withdrawing tray for taller cups
– Too little difference between Latte & Cappuccino, too much foam on latte(CON)


Pixie(Phasing out replaced by Inissia)

– Small and compact
– Retractable cables
– Faster start up time
– Folding tray for taller cups
– Affordable pricing

A standalone device with a separate frother or altogether like Citiz Milk?

We will advise getting it separated.
If one breaks down, the other survives.


Do I really need a separate frother Aeroccino/Microfoam?

Actually we do advise everyone to get the frother, particularly locals.
Most locals prefer something with milk, even if you don’t, most likely your family does.

With the frother , you can make barista standard Latte/Cappuccinos.
As mentioned above, the milk froth created from the Microfoam or Aeroccino frother is marvellous.


Microfoam frother or Aeroccino?

Without a doubt, we will surely highly recommend the Microfoam frother.
It has the best result, and is very reliable in it’s performance.

More importantly, our records show the Microfoam frother is much more durable than the Aeroccino.


What about the Lattissima+ Machine for milk receipes?

The Lattissima+ Machine is for another category of user, if you are going for convenience, then this machine will be better with it’s one button do all feature.
The cleaning is easier as you don’t have to clean everyday, but you still have to dismantle the milk canister and clean thoroughly twice a week.

Comparing the quality of foam, standalone frothers will do a slightly better job.


Are you getting the U Machine?

We have released the U Machines reluctantly as we found a lot of defective units in the first batch.

However wef November 2013, we had decided to stop mass ordering this model as there were too many complains.

For the small price difference, we will advise buyers to spend a little more for other better models

Comparison between U VS Citiz/Pixie
Feedback 1
Feedback 2

We also won’t recommend the U Machine because they are found to be the least compatible with 3th party capsules.

It seems to us the extraction seems weaker too.


Are the machines durable?

For main machines:

Base on our records, the defective rate is less than 0.05%
The chance of it breaking down in a year, 0.1%
The chance of it breaking down in 3 years for someone who don’t descale, 7%
The chance of it breaking down in 3 years for someone who descale regularly, 0.5%

Records are not counting the model U machine which has a much higher breakdown rate

For Milk frothers:
The chance of breaking down in a year for Aeroccino – 8%
The chance of breaking down in a year for Microfoam – 1.5%


How long is the warranty?

Krups – 1 year Singapore and  International warranty(Subjective)
Delonghi – 1 Year local warranty
Magimix – 1 Year local warranty
Standalone frothers- 1 Year local warranty

No warranty or guarantee will be given for other products.
That includes but not within cups, capsules holders, utensils, capsules, etc.


There’s no warranty card with the machine.

Nespresso™ don’t issue warranty cards worldwide, it’s all in the systems.


How to claim for warranty?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for arrangements.
95% of the issues are user errors or poor understanding of the machine’s functionality.
When you contact me, we will do a basic troubleshoot if it’s a genuine fault.
If it is, we will guide you to the best way to service the machine or RMA for new parts.
We had clients who lugged their machines all the way to the service centre, placed there to troubleshoot for a month. Only to realise it’s a user setting problem which can be solved DIY at home in 30 seconds.
We will troubleshoot and keep that from happening and try to offer the easiest & faster solution to service any issues.


What happen after warranty?

The machines here are serviceable even if they are beyond warranty.
This is the difference between us from other resellers as their sets are not based on Singapore’s specification.

You can repair your machine at a flat fee.

Only those machines bought from GRANDCRUZPRODUCTION.COM will be assisted


Just got the Nespresso, how to use it?

It’s idiot proof.
Simply plug in, fill the tank with water and you are ready to go.
For first use, just press a few times, to make sure the water is channelling through the pipes.

Sometimes there’s air lock issues, water is not channeling. Please refer to “troubleshooting”

On the page of each individual product, we had listed a video on how to operate the device


 Is there warranty for accessories?

All accessories including but not limited to capsules holders, cups, shakers, are not covered by any form of warranty.
They are sold as what’s given.

Take note there’s a little bubble underneath the double wall cups, that’s the opening point where air been blown in.
All double wall should have such marks and is not a defect.
Such cups are all made by hand and piece by piece, thus the shape/size/capacity may differ in every piece.


Tell me which model will you recommend?

Lattissima or Inissia

For overseas:
Pick the Krups branding models


Will usage of compatible capsules void the warranty?

Nespresso now honors warranty even if the compatibles damage the machines during the warranty p

Will usage of compatible capsules cause damages to the Nespresso machines?

As stated on the machine and in the instruction manual, all Nespresso machines are meant for Nespresso’s aluminium capsules.
The machines are designed to puncture through the aluminium capsules which are more malleable. Compatible capsules are usually plastic and are of elasticity, the shell is much thicker than the aluminium Nespresso uses.

Most compatibles are harder to puncture, or the capsules warp and stuck in the chamber. Despite Nespresso providing the excellence of service that they will honor warranty even if under the misuse of non original capsules, we can’t guarantee that the usage will not reduce the longevity of the machines. As the machines are simply not designed for the compatible plastic capsules. There had never been any proper tests done. So it will be at the risk of the user for such usages.

As for our own findings:
Over the last few years, we had tried thousands of compatible capsules sent by 3th party manufacturers asking for cooperation. Offering thick margins to entice our chance to working together.
We see a higher occurance of leakages on the machines, one of them, even melted. Thing may have improved now, but we can’t definitely be sure as there’s too many compatibles in the market to  concisely verify.

We are unable to guarantee that the plastic used for the compatibles are food safe.
We did a little trace back and it seems that most of such plastic shells are fully or partially made in China. Likewise for the capsules refilling machines.

As even if the plastic capsules were sent for laboratory heat tolerance tests, it’s very unlikely they were tested with pressure like in the brewing chamber


How much is delivery within Singapore?

Delivery fee is $8. It’s free if your order is above SGD125 or consist of a descaler.

If you are ordering just descaler with nothing else, the descalers will be mailed to you by post.

How much is delivery to overseas?

It depends on weight, we are under a subsidised rate.

Please refer to the checkout for the calculation. Do note that delivery prices are not inclusive of tax and duties.

If you are ordering just descaler with nothing else, the descalers will be mailed to you by post for free.

How long it takes for delivery?

For Singapore orders

It will be delivered 2 day after payment.
No delivery can be done on public holidays and Sundays.
For Monday delivery, payment and order has to be in before 12pm on the previous Saturday.

If there’s a public holiday on the next day after the day of ordering, delivery maybe delayed by a day as there’s no pick up service available.

Delivery will be done between 9AM to 10PM.
If you miss the delivery, a mail will be sent to your mobile phone to select a new delivery timeslot.


For oversea deliveries

It will depend on location.
Please refer to information at the checkout page.

What are the payment options?

For Singapore orders

We accept bank transfer, INETS, Sam machine payment or credit card(Visa/Mastercard).

The soonest delivery can be arranged for bank transfers.

For oversea deliveries

We accept telegraphic transfer or credit card(Visa/Mastercard).

For credit card payment, a validation period of 48 hours is necessary before shipment can be released for delivery.

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    February 26, 2014 at 9:59 am

    Hi. I bought a Nespresso Pixie Machine last 2 months. My questions is when should i do the descaling for the machine? Every 6 months ?

    • Grand Cruz Production
      Grand Cruz Production
      February 26, 2014 at 11:45 am

      Hi, if you are using tap water which is not hard.
      Descale once every half a year or after every 300 cups, whichever first.

      If your water is hard, or if you are using mineral water.
      Then you will have to descale sooner, depending on the condition of the water.

      Water out of the taps in Singapore are typically soft.

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